Advent Calendar 2022 Info

Advent Calendar 2022 Info

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  • 12 days of stickers & stationery goodies featuring exclusive art
  • Free US domestic shipping
  • Ships out late November
  • Afterpay available
  • BONUS Day 13 included for presale orders only
  • Sale pricing $149 (retail value $250+)
  • Limit 2 per person

We are so excited to launch our 2022 advent calendar presale! Every year, we put our thinking caps on to figure out how we can deliver even more value to you. What better way to do that than to literally double the fun?

This year's advent calendar features TWO themes, which we have sketched out with the mood boards. This is to give you an idea of what the box themes will look like, but does not feature the exclusive art we have commissioned for this advent.

The retail value of the advent calendar is over $250+. Each advent will contain 12 wrapped days. The gifts will include stickers, stationery goodies, and even new items that are exclusively created for the advent. The theme is not specific to winter or Christmas so that it can be used all year-round. The items are designed to be suitable for the majority of types of planners.

Presale advent calendars will be shipped out in late November with free US shipping. Please purchase the advent calendar separately from other items, or you will be stuck waiting for your entire order to arrive in November. Limit 2 per person. No discount codes allowed since this item is already heavily discounted. Your order WILL be canceled if you use a discount code. Afterpay is available!

Questions & Answers

  • What paper will this be printed on?
    • We will feature 2 full exclusive weekly kits in our advent! Both will be printed on our luxe premium matte sticker paper. It sort of feels like soft vinyl. We'll be including a Sakura microperm pen so you'll be able to write on it easily! For our other stickers in the advent, there will be a mix of transparent matte/clear matte sticker paper.
  • When will I get the advent calendar?
    • We plan to ship end of November with USPS priority shipping. That typically takes 2-3 days for domestic orders (longer for international). Since it's a 12 day advent, you can expect to receive it before December 13/14. We're doing the presale well in advance so we know how many items to order from our manufacture!
  • Roughly what percent is stickers vs. stationery items?
    • I want to say 50/50 stickers & stationery items. There's about 5-6 days that are purely stickers, but you'll be receiving multiple sticker sheets on those days. Compared to some stationery days that are just 1 item since it's a larger/higher value item.
  • It's saying in the listing no discount codes. Does that include candy discounts too?
    • This includes candy discounts. Our advent calendars are highly discounted because we want to offer a fun box for y'all to open during the holidays. Manufacturing bigger ticket stationery items is definitely not cheap, so no codes please.
  • How long is the preorder period?
    • Preorders will be open for 1 week! If we have extra boxes, they'll be sold later at a higher price of $150ish. 
  • No questions. This looks AMAZING!!
    • Thank you!! We're so excited... this will for sure be our BEST advent yet!
  • Any sneak peeks?
    • We are working with The Angel Shoppe for a pen to include in our advent! Keep following our Instagram to see more sneak peeks in coming weeks. ;)
  • How does Afterpay work?
    • Afterpay is a "buy now, pay later" type of payment. It splits your order into 4 payments, payable every 2 weeks with no interest. That would make our advent $32.25/payment.
  • Will the kits be available to purchase separately after the advent is delivered?
    • Whatever advents or extra items we have left after we ship out the advent calendar will be listed in our shop at full price. So this isn't a guaranteed yes or no! Historically, we had 1 year that we had extras and 2 years that we didn't have extra kits.
  • Are the items going to be seasonal themed (like winter/Christmas)? Or just super cute things?
    • Our advent is based off of the two moodboards. We were going for a sun & moon / light & dark / day & night sort of theme. It's not seasonal and all items can be used year round.
  • What's an advent calendar and how is it used?
    • I had to explain this to my mom too since she didn't know what it was. :) An advent calendar is used to count the days until Christmas. Typically, there are 24 or 25 days (surprises/presents) in an advent and you would open one present starting from December 1st until Christmas. It's usually something small like a chocolate advent calendar. In our case, it's less Christmas-y and more just a fun item we offer each year. Ours is 12 days (13 if you get it during the presale), but it's the same idea where all the days are wrapped like presents and you would open one a day starting from December 13. Ours is filled with lots of stickers and stationery items that are exclusive to our advent calendar! For a more in depth explanation of the tradition and history behind advent calendars, read here.
  • Is the theme mostly constellations?
    • No! Will there be some stars? Yes, but there are other designs too. :)
  • My address is going to change between now and shipping. What should I do?
    • Not a problem at all! We aren't shipping out advents until the end of November, so as long as you email us ( before then with your new address, we can update your order for you!
    • Have you ever thought about doing an advent calendar for holidays like Valentine's Day & other holidays?
      • We wish!! Considering how long it takes to plan our annual advent (5-6 months in advance), we haven't looked too much into doing advents/mystery boxes for other holidays. That would be a lot of fun though! Maybe in the future when we have more help with the shop.


    I would like a advent calendar

    Hildur Einarsdottir

    Question about the advent box: generally, when will any extras be posted for sale? In late October, early November? Black Friday? General time frame?



    Did I miss this????

    Mary Ann

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