Rewards Program


Hi everyone! I know you all love our candy card rewards.That's why I'm excited to talk about our NEW and IMPROVED rewards program, now running on our site!

You may have noticed our new kits feature more stickers/sheet, but have no candy stickers. That is because we are phasing out the candy card rewards program. Our new rewards program allows us to reward you for every purchase, as well as referring friends, following us on IG, celebrating your bday, etc. It also allows us to give better rewards, like "$10 off" and sticker grab bags!

So what happens if you have unredeemed or unfinished candy cards left?
1. Have an unfinished candy card? You can redeem it NOW and we will compensate you via the new rewards program accordingly. This offer stands until the end of 2018.
2. Have completed but unredeemed candy cards? Don't worry, you have until the end of 2018 to redeem them!

Moving forward, all new orders will no longer have candy stickers, so people are not double-dipping from both rewards programs. Have any specific questions? Message us on Etsy!

Thank you for your support, everyone. We hope you are enjoying the rewards!!