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My lifelong dream is to become an entrepreneur. I just never expected that it would happen so soon.

I work from home. I set my own hours. I am my own boss. I love and believe in the products I create. Most of all, I feel appreciated.

I believe everyone can and should run their own business! Regardless of what your dream career is--whether you're running a shop or a blog--I can help you get there.

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Areas of expertise include:

  • Starting and growing a business
  • Running a sticker shop
  • Etsy, Shopify, or general site set-up
  • Social media management, SEO, email lists
  • Monthly subscription boxes
  • Project management
  • General social media or career advice

Services Offered:

  • Skype - 99/hour
    Let’s chat via phone or skype! Includes pre-meeting preparation and follow-up email.
  • In Person - 129/hour
    Let’s meet in person! Serving San Diego area up to Los Angeles. Includes pre-meeting preparation and follow-up email. Requires traveling to meet me.
  • Email - 49/email
    Have a specific question that doesn't warrant an hour-long meeting? I can give you a thorough response and action plan over email.
  • Include Lisa - additional 49
    Want to also pick the brains of the founder of Sticker Guru? Lisa launched SG in high school, and made 5 figures her first year. This will include both Lucy & Lisa. Note this charge is in addition to the base fee of the session.

Have any questions? Email Lucy at

Once you've purchased your coaching session, I will follow up within 24 hours for scheduling purposes. Discount codes may not be used. All sales are final.