OVERSTOCK: Flawless Stationery Box

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Please note the limit of each item. Orders that exceed the set limit will be canceled.

Each sticker grab bag has foiled and/or unfoiled sheets. These stickers are flawless. There are no duplicates in each grab bag, but we cannot guarantee there will not be duplicates if you buy multiple grab bags.

  • Kit Mix (LIMIT 2): This will contain 8-10 half-sized sheets like weekly or monthly kits.
  • $2 Tuesday Mix (LIMIT 2): This will contain 8-10 quarter-sized sheets or other smaller-sized sheets, such as functional stickers, foiled overlays, etc.
  • Overstock Box (LIMIT 2): INCLUDES FREE US SHIPPING. Stationery Box qualifies for FREE US Priority Mail Shipping when purchased alone. If purchased with other items, shipping rates will apply. This will contain a Big Plans A5W Planner, 1 Kit Mix, 1 $2 Tues Mix, and various stationery items that may include vellum sticky notes, tapes, pens, journaling cards, etc. Total value is $80.