September 28, 2020

Top 20 Ideas for Using the Notes Pages of Your Planner

Top 20 Ideas for Using the Notes Pages of Your Planner

Many planners come with dedicated notes page after each month, or blank pages in the back. I never knew what to use these pages for, so there was a lot of paper that I was leaving blank! That’s why I came up with the list below. We sell monthly Notes sheets in our shop, which include some of these ideas (and you can fill in the headers yourself). Definitely check them out if you’re looking for something that’s already pre-made. Otherwise, I hope this list gets your creative juices flowing so you can go decorate those sheets!

  1. Bucket List
  2. Reading List
  3. Movies & TV Shows List
  4. Concert List
  5. Major Achievements
  6. Weight Loss Tracker
  7. Affirmations & Inspirational Quotes
  8. Goals Page
  9. Finance Tracker
  10. Important Dates
  11. Travel List
  12. Cleaning & Chores List
  13. Log-ins & Passwords
  14. Class or Work Schedule
  15. Recipes
  16. Blog Post Ideas
  17. Wishlist & Gift list
  18. Date Ideas
  19. Lettering Practice
  20. Doodling Practice

What do you use the extra pages in your planner for? Any ideas not on this list? Let us know in the comments down below!

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